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The Wellness Transformation Network (WTN) launched in 2019 with three founding partners committed to exploring the science of hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance (HISS) and championing individual and community well-being. Plans are underway to welcome 15 additional non-profit organizations and businesses to the network. New partners are invited to help us grow the initiative and amplify its impact.

At the Reh-Fit Centre, we care very deeply about the pursuit of innovation in promoting good health. We decided to become a WTN Partner because the initiative is based on science and evidence, and is keenly focused on helping people live healthier lives.
- Sue Boreskie

Chief Executive Officer Reh-Fit Centre

At Youville, we’re on the front lines of community health and we see the devastating impacts of type 2 diabetes up close. As a WTN Partner, we’re excited to work with other Partners to advance some very important science and make an even greater difference in people’s lives.
- Toni Tilston-Jones

Executive Director Youville

Working together, we can move science and related health policies forward with a transformational, evidence-driven leap. We can change lives. We can alter the course of human health.
- Mick Lautt

Chief Executive Officer, Scimar & Executive Director, Wellness Transformation Network

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