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The Wellness Transformation Network (WTN) is a Manitoba-based collaborative initiative designed by SciMar Ltd. in 2019 to:

  1. study health through the breakthrough scientific understanding of “hepatic insulin-sensitizing  substance (HISS)” (a hormone) and “nutrient partitioning” (a biological process);
  2. develop new tools and promote new strategies to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes; and
  3. create the conditions for dramatic improvements in individual and community well-being.

The WTN aims to inform and shape the strategic evolutions and the transformational leaps required to address the global type 2 diabetes epidemic and to enhance human health.

The WTN brings together like-minded communities, businesses, and organizations to explore, measure, and understand the specific impacts of a variety of health interventions.

The WTN aims to gather data from several hundred individual participants to inform research into HISS and nutrient partitioning, and to improve community health.

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