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The Wellness Transformation Network comprises four partnership categories. Some Partners can contribute and benefit under more than one category:

As Clinical Partner and Convenor of the WTN, SciMar Ltd. is responsible for:

  • coordinating the Network
  • providing scientific leadership
  • providing laboratory services (blood collection and analysis)
  • collecting, managing, and analyzing data
  • sharing clinical findings and recommendations with Partners
  • guaranteeing the privacy of individual participants and the confidentiality of collected data

A Delivery Partner has expertise in designing and leading health programs. This could include nutritionists (for dietary interventions); gyms (for exercise interventions); and natural health practitioners (for interventions involving herbs, meditation, yoga, and other elements of traditional medicine), among others. Delivery Partners of the WTN will:

  • be funded to design and deliver the agreed upon health intervention
  • provide the venue, expertise, and personnel (if required) for the health intervention
  • support each participant and ensure their participation over the life of the intervention
  • enjoy greater visibility in the community
  • have access to anonymized intervention results and data analysis

Sponsoring Partners of the WTN:

  • provide financial support for the WTN, either in the form of a general grant, or by covering the costs of a specific wellness intervention for a specific community
  • are driven by purpose and eager to see an improvement in community and global health
  • will receive brand visibility on the WTN website and positive exposure to relevant audiences
  • will have access to anonymized intervention results and data analysis

A Community Partner is an entity that represents a specific population of people who will actually participate in the intervention. A Community Partner could include a cultural or ethnic group; a company interested in staff wellness; a fitness facility aiming to further improve the health of its members; an athletic association looking to understand the impacts of participation in sports; a personal care home trying to improve its residents’ quality of life, and other groups. Community Partners are communities and organizations eager to learn more about metabolic health and are inspired to improve the health and well-being of their communities. Community Partners of the

WTN will:

  • recruit participants and ensure proper permissions and waivers are in place
  • coordinate all logistics related to participation as a Community Partner
  • offer physical spaces and medical support (if deemed necessary)
  • be equipped to promote better health in their communities
  • have access to anonymized intervention results and data analysis

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