How It Works

Understanding Impacts ‧ Gathering Data ‧ Changing Behaviour

If I start swimming three times a week, will I be able to stimulate the production of HISS?

Can a daily supplement protect me from the onset of type 2 diabetes?

Can introducing traditional medicines lower my blood pressure?

What will three-four months of a regular yoga practice do for my sugar levels?

How can the specific change you make today affect your health tomorrow?

The Wellness Transformation Network will answer these sorts of questions by enrolling individual participants from Community Partners in a five-step health and wellness intervention. An intervention refers to the introduction of a new activity in someone’s life for a defined period of time.

Community Partners are responsible for the recruitment of participants, under the guidance of the Clinical Partner/Convenor (SciMar Ltd.).

  • Participant is interviewed to gather demographic and health information.
  • Information is immediately and anonymously digitized and linked to a QR code.
  • All papers are stored under lock and key until the end of the intervention when all paper records will be destroyed.
  • Body measurements are taken.
  • A continuous glucose monitoring sensor will be applied to the participant’s arm or abdomen to capture real-time data over the first few days of the intervention.
  • The participant will drink the specially formulated NuPa Test shake, prepared for the individual’s body weight.
  • Bloodwork is conducted. In addition to measuring hepatic insulin-sensitizing substance (HISS), a variety of traditional biomeasures are also recorded.
  • For a set period of time (17+ weeks), the participant will add or change a behaviour, for example: meditating for 10 minutes a day; playing badminton or pickleball twice a week; increasing the amount of fish in one’s diet; taking a daily supplement; starting a weight-lifting program, among many others. These are just examples.
  • The purpose is to understand the impact of a particular change on the production of HISS and other important measures of health and wellbeing.
  • Each intervention will have some sort of compliance protocol to ensure that the participant is doing their part for the duration of the intervention.
  • Interventions are designed and executed by WTN Partners.
  • Body measurements are taken to see what changes have taken place.
  • The continuous glucose monitoring sensor will be re-applied.
  • The participant will again drink the specially formulated NuPa Test shake, measured for the individual’s body weight.
  • Final bloodwork is conducted to record any changes in the production of HISS and any changes in other indicators of well-being.
  • Each participant’s anonymized “before and after” data will have been uploaded to an encrypted cloud-based platform, combined with the data of other participants, and analyzed.
  • Upon completion, the participant can access their individual results or the results can be sent to their physician.
  • Identifying digital and paper files will be destroyed following the intervention, in accordance with best practices in clinical trial data management.
  • The Convenor (SciMar) will share aggregate data and relevant analysis with WTN Partners.